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The lease known as Nonville is awarded by a Decree of the French Council of State on 17 July 2009, for a 25-year period (until 19 July 2034).


Prefectoral order no. 2011/DCSE/M/015, of 28 September 2011, grants authorisation to begin mining in the Nonville lease area.


Drilling of the vertical producer well NVL1.


Pre-existing well VM102 is reopened and converted to become injector well NVL101.


Drilling of the horizontal producer well NVL2H.


Application for a southern extension of the Nonville lease. View the application notice


Application for the eastern extension of the Nonville lease.


Conversion of the producer well NVL1 to an injector well.

Our projects

Since being awarded its lease by a Decree of the French Council of State on 19 July 2009, Bridge Energies has been professionally dedicated to producing hydrocarbons, one of Seine-et-Marne’s rich underground resources.

Bridge Energies wishes to expand and as a holder of a mining title, has sought the authority of the Minister in charge of mines to grant two applications for geographic extensions, dated 2016 and 2018.

However, in the future this hydrocarbon production at Nonville will do double duty, with heat production from the hot water that comes out with the hydrocarbons.


Bridge Energies has set up a partnership with Eauzons to create an aquaponics farm and thus recover heat. This farm makes it possible to keep land in agricultural use while recovering heat. This new activity will create about ten jobs. It enhances the attractiveness of the Nonville area and the Community of Communes of Moret Seine et Loing. For this reason, Bridge Energies is continuing its production and intends to develop the Nonville reservoir, in a considered and responsible way, by recovering the associated heat and creating environmentally responsible partnerships.


These energies, made in France and put to use responsibly, align perfectly with the Hulot Law (No. 2017-1839 of 30 December 2017), and are in compliance with the Paris Agreement that came into effect on 4 November 2016.